PT. Wijaya Mandiri Tintex is a Manufacturing and Trading company in Nylon products for industrial use. In accordance with the continuous growth in the Nylon industries in this 21st century, we are ready and
always strive to fulfill the needs and developments of nylon products for domestic and international markets. Currently we export to HongKong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany, India and Republic of China. PT Wijaya Mandiri Tintex has two major activities:

1. Manufacturing Nylon Repro Pellets.
2. Distributing Nylon Yarn and Other Trading Stocks (textile product such as Polyester, Acrylic, Rayon, TC, TR, Cotton & PE yarn and fibre, Blanket, garments and clothings).

Our company, so far, is well-known in the Nylon Industry. Thus, we are committed to a continuous improvement in the manufacturing and management system, to meet the customers’ satisfaction. Hence, we are able to become one of the best companies in the Nylon industries.



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